5 Big Things Happening in South Africa Today

Thursday, August 5, 2021

Learn all about the 5 most important things that are currently happening in South Africa.

Politics wise, South Africa is going through a rough time. So, learn all about the 5 most important things going on in South Africa right now. 

1. Coronavirus: This isn’t news. Coronavirus is striking every piece of land around the world. So we are talking about a worldwide problem. However, the situation in South Africa isn’t the same as any other country. COVID cases and deaths are increasing rapidly, reaching the amount of 2.484.009 cases and 73.415 deaths since the beginning of the pandemic. 

2. Strike: The public sector is on a nationwide strike. This sector contributes to approximately 10% of the overall economic activity, so the issue is real. We will need to be very careful with this particular situation. 

3. Reshuffle: Specialists are announcing a cabinet reshuffle on the way, which will end up with quite a few ministers moved around. The president has not said anything about it, but the reorganization is a fact. The political situation on the country will be on the verge until we get to know more about the situation. 

4. Grants: South Africa’s R350 social relief grants will start rolling out by month-end, which is great news after the consequences the pandemic continues to have on the population’s wallet. Social development minister, Zulu, said that her department is also in the process of forming a policy to introduce a permanent basic income grant.

5. Markets: Emerging market currencies continue to reap the benefits of a weaker dollar. This situation is related to the weak international condition South Africa is immersed on and the dependence that domestic markets have on foreign currency like the US dollar. 

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