8 Useful Apps for University Students

Wednesday, September 22, 2021

Do you want to make your studying sessions more efficient? Here are some useful apps for students. 

Social media, streaming apps, game apps, and any other kind of entertainment-related app can be pretty distracting for students. When studying, many students turn their smartphones off or put them aside so that they won’t get distracted, but many of them cannot go more than an hour without their smartphones, and then they spend hours scrolling down on Instagram or binging a series on Netflix.

However, not all apps are distracting. There is an upside to technology, smartphones, and apps. The problem of distraction is solved with a simple task: Downloading the right apps.

There is an app for almost everything, why not use it to our advantage? With the right apps, students can make their study sessions more efficient, keep up to date with assignments, exam dates, on-campus news, among many other things. 

There are many options to help students take notes, manage their time, stay up to date, among many other things. The following are some of the most popular apps for students:

8 Apps to Make Study Sessions more Efficient

The activity of studying has changed radically over the last 20 years or so. Not only does education differ because of the approaches taken, the coursework materials studied or the wider variety of programs available, but also because of the tools students have at their disposal to help them study.

Not so long ago, students could resort to textbooks and their own minds to study, and maybe a computer. But the internet was nothing like it is today. It was much smaller and finding information was difficult. 

Nowadays, students have many tools at their disposal to make their studying sessions more efficient. Not only do they have access to the World Wide Web, but they can also use apps they download on their smartphones. 

Some useful apps students can use are: 

1. Canvas Student: With this app, students can access coursework, submit assignments and view grades. 

2. Google Drive:
Google Drive has many useful features. Students can store any document on Google Cloud, which allows them to write papers and view documents across several devices, any time they want and to collaborate or share them with classmates.

3. Quizlet: This is a flashcard app that allows students to create decks that can be shared with other users, they can also play time-based games that help them with memorization.

4. MyLifeOrganized: This is a task management app that allows users to break down tasks into reachable goals, review what is scheduled for the day, sort priority action items, etc.

5. Evernote: This app is used to take notes and manage tasks, and allows users to sync across other devices.

6. Blackboard App: It is used by many colleges and universities across the U.S. because it allows students to access coursework for the classes and it has virtual components. 

7. College-specific apps: This kind of apps has become very common because they can be designed according to each College’s needs. They may differ by college and students can find campus maps, safety information, upcoming events, news, etc.

8. Mendeley: This app is a reference manager and PDF reader. It allows students to make notes and highlight PDFs, generate references and citations, sync work across devices and search a vast online library.

Each app has different functions that can help students in different aspects. For that reason, students should assess the study methods that suit them best and the areas in which they need more help. 

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