Everything You Need to Know Before Studying a Bachelor’s degree in South Africa

Thursday, July 15, 2021

There are 5 things you need to know before starting your Bachelor’s degree in South Africa. Find out more here.

You may already know about South Africa’s diversity, opportunities, and cultural, historical and political richness. This land is the perfect place to start your bachelor´s degree. Nevertheless, there are some things you may need to know before starting to study. 

1- South Africa is very diverse

Not every city or region in South Africa is the same. With 11 official languages, natural geography that spans a vast spectrum and a Gini coefficient of 63.4 – SA is about as diverse as they come. So, you may need to think thoroughly where you want to settle and study.

2- Let the locals be your GPS

If you decide, by any reasons, to move to study to another city, you should keep this advice in mind. There are places in South Africa that you should avoid for safety reasons, and if you are not a friend of the area, you may get lost, or worst. 

3- Shoes aren’t really all that important on campus

Perhaps it’s some romantic attempt to be closer to ‘Mother Africa’ as it were, but for whatever reason many South African students feel comfortable navigating campus bare foot, so feel free to leave your footgear at home. Young people tend to adjust very quickly to this student's bohemian attitude.

4- Rugby is really, really important

As well as in the rest of the South African country, Rugby is really really important. However, in the university environment, even more. Students tend to take sports very seriously, and they participate in heated matches all the time.  

5- You will get used to it, eventually

Even though it may seem hard at first getting used to this new life on campus, you will eventually catch up to your mates. Don’t panic! Everything will be just fine after a while. 

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