University Students: When Should You Start Thinking about Your Career?

Wednesday, November 10, 2021

All students should make sure they don’t leave career planning until the last minute. Find out when is the right time to start planning and thinking about your future so that you start preparing for your career the right way.

Wondering when the right time to start career planning is one of the most common and most important questions among university students. And the answer is as soon as possible.

It is highly recommended that students start preparing for their future careers as soon as they enter college. Does it seem too soon? Well, considering that, this way, you will have plenty of time to find out what you really want to do, to tailor your studies according to your goals, and to take advantage of the opportunities to develop relevant skills and knowledge, we’re sure you can see our point.

Leaving career planning for senior year might be too late. But, if you start planning your future career from the very beginning at university, you will make sure you maximise all the opportunities available to you.

Tips to help you start thinking about your career the right way

1. Plan ahead
Just as we established previously, start thinking about your career early in your university education.

Make sure you don’t miss any opportunity during your university studies to develop skills that are highly demanded in the workforce. As you get closer to your final year, start applying for internships, which will give you the opportunity to acquire experience in the workforce even before you graduate.

2. Dig deep into your career options
It is highly advisable that you start exploring the career paths your degree leads you to as early as possible, as this will enable you to start preparing for the specific path you want to take. 

Considering the kind of work you would like to do and the work method you prefer is also an essential part of career planning, meaning that you should find out if you would like to do research, work in an office, become a freelancer, among any other options. 

3. Work as hard as you can towards your goals
For many, grades and academics aren’t that important during the first years and that they have time to improve their academic performance later on. However, your main priority during your whole university career must be having a strong academic performance. This will help you develop the necessary skills and knowledge and have them naturalize when the time of applying them in the workforce comes. 

4. Work and study
Earning a degree is a challenging process that enables you to develop transferable skills, but if you decide to get a part-time job or an internship while you study, you will also have the opportunity to acquire work experience and apply as well as polish the skills you develop during your studies to the workforce.

5. Take time to craft your CV
When the time to apply for a job comes, you will need a well-crafted résumé that sets you apart from your competition. For that, you need to take the time to make sure you highlight your strengths, which means you should start crafting it as soon as possible to make sure you have time to improve it. 

These are some tips that will help you prepare for your career as early in college as possible. Making sure that you don’t leave career planning to the last minute will enable you to be very well-focused on your goals and align your studies with them.

Bear in mind that the sooner you start, the better!

This way, you can tailor your whole studies towards your career goals, take the courses you need to pursue your career or even a more advanced degree.

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