How do you feel about working and living in Canada?

Thursday, July 8, 2021

Working and living abroad seems like a pretty good option. If you are currently living in South Africa, and would like to experience something new and exciting, immigrating to Canada would be perfect for you.

Have you ever dreamed about working and living abroad? This may be your lucky day. Canada is a beautiful country with gorgeous landscapes, cities, and a great standard of living. 

In the last few years, Canada has become one of the most popular destinations around the world to work and live. “Express entry” is the specific plan created by the Canadian government to help everyone plan to migrate to the northern country.

You can apply to “Express Entry” from the comfort of your own couch at home, without having to travel anywhere. You just need to visit the Canadian website, create your own account and fill it with your personal information regarding your education, work experience, abilities, etc. 

Once you have completed all the steps, your profile will go through a selection process. If you are selected among the candidates for a permanent residence card, you will be notified. 

However, not every profession is equally received in Canada. You can find a complete list with 50 Bachelor’s degrees that can apply to the “Express entry” program, with high demand and good job opportunities. 

Don’t worry. These are the best Bachelor’s degrees you can study to make it to Canada: 

All of these careers will help you make it to Canada, and get your permanent residence card. This list goes on and on, but the Bachelor’s degrees listed above will definitely take you to the northern country. 

So, if you are interested in living and working in Canada, What are you waiting for? Start studying a Bachelor’s degree and you’ll be closer to making your dream come true. You can thank us later! Leave your personal information in the chart above, and we will reach to you to help you get started in this path. 

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