What does Computer Science do?

Thursday, 03 November 2022

Computer science is so much more than research on computers and computer systems. We share what does Computer Science do.

We use computers in almost everything we do. Computing fosters creativity in the engineering, commercial, entertainment, educational, and scientific fields and offers solutions to a wide range of difficult, complex challenges.


The study of computers and other computational systems is known as Computer Science.


The need for computer scientists is growing across all industries, but the talent shortage is particularly pronounced in Africa. Currently, every industry views computer science as crucial to their business.


We share in this article what do Computer Science do.


What is Computer Science?

It is a vast area that covers everything from how well software is produced and constructed to how the algorithms that make up software interact with hardware. To investigate computer processes and create new software and systems, computer scientists use a variety of mathematical algorithms, coding techniques, and their highly developed programming skills.

Computer science is a dynamic, rapidly growing field that has influenced the contemporary society in which we live.

Computer science is the general term for the study of computers and computational systems.

Compared to electrical and computer engineers, computer scientists are more interested in software and software systems, including their theory, design, development, and use.

Even while programming is a necessity for computer science studies, it is only one facet of the discipline. Along with inventing and studying approaches to solve programs, computer scientists also examine the performance of computer hardware and software.

Determining whether problems can be solved by computers and the difficulty of the algorithms that do so are some of the more abstract obstacles that computer scientists face. Another concrete challenge is developing programs.

What do Computer Science do?

A computer scientist does research on computers and computer systems to evaluate how well they function and find new technological applications.

Computer scientists can create new software and programs that can improve a computer's functioning as well as creative ways for people to use technology using their knowledge of computers and how they work.

On the basis of plausible hypotheses and theoretical assessments, a computer scientist can also do study on future uses of technology for people.

A computer scientist is knowledgeable about the theoretical underpinnings of using computers.

They frequently work differently than computer engineers do with hardware and software. Instead, a computer scientist thinks about how information is handled by technology and then applies that to programs.

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Why South Africa needs more Computer Scientists?

Despite the fact that training programs are mushrooming across the continent, there is still a huge need for computer science specialists.


In all areas relating to computer science, there is a growing need for tech specialists. Future corporate operations will be influenced by disciplines including artificial intelligence (AI), machine learning, deep learning, computer vision, speech recognition, neural networks, and natural language processing (NLP).


The continent of Africa is producing some of the best computing talent in the world. According to Devskiller, there is a high demand for computer scientists, particularly those with data science skills.


Africa, which is home to 1.4 billion people, actually has a plethora of issues that need to be resolved.

Only Africans can relate to these problems on a large scale and take the effort to discover answers.

In terms of resources and preparedness to benefit from this new period as we are well into the fourth industrial revolution, the other continents are ahead of Africa.


After analyzing the most recent employment data, a nonprofit group for the industry and the Information Technology (IT) workforce discovered that tech companies had been hiring experts for the previous 10 months, with job ads for computer scientists reaching a new high in May.


Only 121,000 of South Africa's 26.8 million software developers are now employed. It is easy to see why digital competency is hard to find for South African firms when you realize that 38% of African developers work for at least one South African company.


As a result of its numerous industrial bottlenecks and demand for specialized solutions, Africa more than any other region needs computer scientists.


Technology is at the heart of the Fourth Industrial Revolution (4 IR), and analysts think that this is the ideal time for Africa to build its own expertise to aid companies in making informed decisions, predicting the market, and preparing for unforeseen disasters.

This overview reveals a wealth of potential future opportunities.


Become a Bachelor in Computer Science graduate in South Africa

With a degree in this field, your understanding of ideas and cutting-edge technologies will be significantly improved. You will be able to develop original answers to the challenges of today thanks to your experience and knowledge.

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When employed interdisciplinary, students' other fields of interest—such as business, cyber security, economics, engineering, languages and linguistics, biology, mathematics, physics, public policy, information assurance,etc.—can be used to address a wider range of challenging issues.

There you have it, then. The demand for computer scientists will only increase exponentially, thus South Africans should seize this opportunity to dominate the field.

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