Top 3 Marketing trends in South Africa

Thursday, 01 December 2022

The need to engage with customers on the right channel with the latest technology is one of the biggest challenges. We share the top 3 marketing trends in South Africa.

Digital innovation has accelerated at a rapid rate, whether it be email content updating in real-time or the ever-increasing methods to personalize experiences. Likewise, marketing problems have changed as well. Customers want beneficial encounters that are sympathetic and occur at the appropriate time and place. It has never been more relevant or critical to stay on top of the most recent, urgent needs of the client. So, as part of a global study on the State of Marketing, 200 marketing experts were polled in South Africa to see what’s on trend. Here are the top 3 marketing trends.

Marketing panorama in South Africa

The global diversified consumer services business, which also encompasses the global content marketing market, contains the global specialized consumer services market as a subset. Africa, which is home to 1.4 billion people, actually has a plethora of opportunities for marketers.

The revenue generated by businesses that provide consumer services like home security services, residential services, personal services, legal services, renovation and content marketing, consumer auction services, wedding services, and funeral services is included in the global specialized consumer services market, the market's parent.

This are some of the drivers behind this growth:

  • The rise in disposable income
  • The expansion of the global market for specialized consumer services
  • Convenience
  • The adoption of multichannel marketing strategies at a growing rate
  • The increased use of online channels by vendors

South African Marketers in demand

As post-pandemic tendencies continue to materialize, marketers are more certain than ever that they add value to the company, despite all this change. In order to understand how marketers are innovating to address changing client expectations, Salesforce questioned 6,000 marketers across 35 countries for its 8th State of Marketing report, which supports this.

Taking into account that from 2022 to 2026, the market for content marketing is anticipated to increase in size by USD 487.24 billion, there is no doubt that marketing jobs will continue to be on the rise.

According to the expert Zuko Mdwaba, Area Vice President at Salesforce South Africa. Marketing professionals must balance customer data, personalization, and trust while responding to economic headwinds, getting ready for the end of third-party cookies, and reducing silos to improve the customer experience. Across one or more marketing channels, 83% of South African marketing organizations engage clients in real time.

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1. Find the right IT to harness customer trends.

The need to engage with customers on the right channel, at the right moment, and with personalized information is one of the major challenges facing marketers today. And this isn't just restricted to B2C (Business to Costumer) interactions either; 82% of world market leaders verified the growing desire for customized experiences in the B2B sector.

The single view of the customer must be unlocked by marketing leaders using the newest technology in order for them to be able to innovate, scale, and do so quickly.  According to Sagren Pather, Executive Head of Digital, Direct Marketing, and Marketing Analytics at Standard Bank, "We want to have the right dialogues with our clients at the right time on the right channel." The majority of businesses in South Africa share this goal.

2. Focus on gaining trust with transparency.

A single perspective of the consumer must be unlocked in order for sales, service, and e-commerce to deliver outstanding customer experiences. This benefit extends beyond the marketing team. A staggering 89% of consumers in South Africa believe that a company's customer service is just as important as its goods and services.

Therefore, it should come as no surprise that modern marketers are more involved with the full consumer journey. In fact, typical marketing positions, according to 69% of study respondents globally, impede client interaction. The fact that 64% of marketers employ 360-degree visibility to halt marketing communications if consumers have open service cases demonstrates how they are overcoming these limitations to improve the the customer experience.

3. AI is more mainstream than ever.

For the upcoming months, innovation was listed as both a challenge and a priority. The biggest opportunity in this area is AI (Artificial Intelligence). According to South African marketers, the top four applications of AI are:

  • Driving the best next steps.
  • Personalisation.
  • Better classification and modeling of lookalikes.
  • Automating procedures to free up staff time for creative work.

    The potential of AI is revolutionary when data integrity is high. Only 29% of international companies used AI for marketing operations in 2018, compared to 84% in 2020.

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