Top 5 Marketing Jobs in South Africa

Thursday, 10 November 2022

Now is the time to prioritize updating your marketing skills to be able to apply for these top 5 Marketing jobs in South Africa.

There are several factors to take into account while deciding what to study for a career. You must keep in mind that your decision is quite complex and involves many factors, including your hobbies, passions, and areas of strength as well as the degree earning potential and professional options.

However, basing your selection on the career chances that each degree would enable you to have and how in-demand those professionals are would be the smart thing to do if you want to ensure that you pursue a degree that allows you to have job security.

Marketing is a fantastic choice when it comes to the many different employment options and demand. You’ll find in this article the top 5 Marketing jobs in South Africa.

What is Marketing in 2022?

Marketing is made with organized actions aimed at attracting potential customers and clients to your goods or service.

The research, promotion, sale, and distribution of goods and services are just a few of the numerous actions that go into this process and enable marketing to achieve its goal.

In addition to product creation, sales, and distribution, marketing experts looked at the entire buyer journey to make sure that goods and services actually satisfy client needs.

Studies on the market have changed over time as well, moving from consumer figures and projections to impressions from social media users.

To implement effective tactics that are tailored to their clients' needs, professionals in this field are primarily concerned with studying the market and consumer behavior.

They receive training on how to put plans into practice that will attract, acquire, and keep customers by satisfying their requirements and wants in order to foster brand loyalty.

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Why Study Marketing?

During the last couple of years, there’s been a steady tendency of growth in the demand of marketing and, thus, marketing professionals, and this trend is expected to continue.

Professionals in this discipline are essential for any business to succeed, stay relevant, and be able to meet their clients’ needs, and companies are well aware of that. 

Thanks to Marketing professionals, which can hold many different positions, companies are able to thrive in the competitive market.
With the help of marketing, both companies, no matter how big or small, and their clients can be satisfied with the outcome of their sale and purchase, respectively.

What Do Marketing Professionals Do?

It is crucial to thoroughly explore all of your possibilities before deciding on a vocation to follow.
If marketing is one of your potential career choices, you must research the field's earning potential, career possibilities, and a variety of other factors that will influence your decision to pursue the discipline.
You can choose from a variety of roles and job kinds if you have a degree in marketing, but you should be informed right away which ones are in demand on the job market and what qualifications you'll need to succeed in them.

According to a Salesforce report, eighty-six percent of South African marketers claim that their work is more valuable today than it was last year, a 34%-point improvement.

Top Marketing Jobs in South Africa

At least 6,714 marketing jobs are now published in Indeed South Africa’s websites demonstrating the high demand that exists today even in a “saturated” market.
There are most popular Marketing jobs in South Africa and the main responsibilities in the job descriptions:

1. Marketing Manager

  • Develop marketing plans for various consumer categories and verticals in accordance with local company priorities.
  • In order to raise the "share of wallet" of current customers and to reach and convert new prospects, identify and optimize client purchase journeys as part of vertical campaigns.
  • Develop captivating content that moves buyers along the sales funnel by using an understanding of the industry, wants, and issues of your target audience.
  • Determine the best activation channels based on the target consumer and their purchasing process.
  • Construct and introduce marketing programs.

2. Digital Marketing Manager

  • Organize our online stock (including marketplaces).
  • Create initiatives that boost online sales.
  • Utilize SEO and other techniques to improve paid advertising campaigns.
  • Assist us in maintaining our online presence, particularly on social media sites.
  • Keep track of changes in website traffic or revenue growth.

3. Social Media Manager

  • Facebook, Linkedin, Instagram, YouTube, and Twitter Platform Management.
  • Checking notifications and responding to inquiries on social media.
  • Creating publishing schedules for each month.
  • Profiling tactics to expand the online markets.
  • Creating social media marketing reports for each month.

4. Brand Ambassador

  • Distribution and sales rates in high-end core retail outlets have increased (as a result of staff/key client mentoring sessions).
  • Conduct thorough training sessions, tastings, demonstrations, master classes, and dinners for the Reserve Luxury Portfolio's internal and external clients, as well as for the targeted clients.
  • Establish monthly meetings that are structured, with reporting to important sales and marketing stakeholders every quarter.
  • Activity for the Reserve Luxury Portfolio on-site and in retail.

5. Marketing Coordinator

  • Drive marketing promotions and events department to create measurable success for your efforts.
  • Keep the brand's identity and act as custodian of the brand.
  • Establish and preserve connections with vendors and agencies (briefing of artwork and promotional items, promotions and events).
  • Control the activations agency's expenditures and results.
  • Administrative obligations.
As you can see, South Africa has a significant demand for marketing professionals, and this desire will only increase as the globe becomes more digital.

Want to get a Marketing degree in South Africa?

If you want to have a degree in this field, your understanding of the latest trends and cutting-edge technologies will be improved.
Fortunately, South Africa has many options where you can start.

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