What has Online Learning taught Students?

Friday, December 18, 2020

Online programmes emerged as the best solution to the problem that the impossibility of in-person studying caused. After all this time, what has online learning students?

Online programmes are here to stay. They do not seem to be going anywhere in the near future, which is a sign of success. Many students were skeptical about pursuing online degrees, and yet they have found themselves having a great experience that redefined the way they viewed learning as a process.

There are several examples of how online programmes have improved people’s lives, and these are just a few of them.

The Possibilities

In-person learning is great, you get to attend university and meet different people, use the facilities, even commuting can sometimes be enjoyable. But, at the same time, it often leads you to think that everything you can aspire to is contained within those walls, and that is not the case at all. 

The popularisation of online programmes this year has led many institutions to adapt their programmes to a virtual format. So, the possibility of pursuing online degrees appeared, and with that, the chance of enrolling in online programmes that are offered by prestigious institutions from all around the world. This gave students the chance to pursue different online degrees sometimes in fields they could have never studied in their own countries. And, an increase in education accessibility is always great news. 

The Pace

One advantage online programmes have is letting students learn at their own pace. This, what might seem almost irrelevant, is not. Many students have discovered that they find it easier to learn when they can rewind, rewatch, and manage their lectures and their study time, and that is something that (of course) they can not do in the in-person learning modality.

So this should be taken into account: this learning methodology has been beneficial for several students who, while pursuing online degrees discovered that online learning suits them best.

The Time

This advantage is related to the previous one. Sometimes students have a hard time focusing during lectures or find themselves completely overwhelmed by long days in university, and that is a very personal and sensitive topic. 

Those students have found in online programmes and online learning in general, the possibility to manage their time: dedicate hours and hours to study if they feel like it or just a few minutes if they are feeling tired. They also like the possibility of pausing and engaging in recreational activities to clear their mind when they feel overwhelmed knowing that when they feel better the lecture and materials will still be there, and that is something only online learning can offer.

So, despite the fact that many students miss in-person learning, there is also a bright side to this situation: the chance to pursue online degrees through online learning has helped a lot of people.

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