6 Types of Graphic Design You Need to Know

Tuesday, 30 August 2022

Graphic design is a broad field. It focuses on more than just one aim, and in fact, it can be classified into different subcategories. In this article, we will show you some of the most common types of graphic design. Keep on reading to find out more! 

Graphic designers create pieces of work that communicate ideas and portray feelings for different purposes, most of them commercial. These ideas are portrayed digitally as well as on paper, it depends on the client. Some of the responsibilities of a graphic designer are understanding what the client wants to portray, combining different typographies, colours, and shapes, designing an appropriate design for the client, and more. 

Types of Graphic Design

There is not a certain way to communicate the client’s ideas successfully, it can be done in different ways, with several areas of specialization. As graphic design has various aims depending on the client and what he wants to portray, it is necessary to determine the different types of graphic design and how they differ from one another. Check out some of the most common types of graphic design. 

1. Visual identity graphic design 

Brand identity is one of the most important factors a company must consider. It is the visible elements such as colour, image, design, and logo that identifies a company. Brand identity tries to portray the company’s mind and what they want to transmit. Visual identity graphic design is in charge of creating something that expresses the customer’s essence and feelings. This type of graphic design wants to create a visual element able to portray the brand identity and communicate the qualities of the company through colours, images, typography, and more. 

2. Advertising and marketing design 

Marketing and graphic design go hand in hand, they complement each other. Marketing would be nothing without a little bit of graphic design. This branch of graphic design is one of the most popular. To gain recognition, companies need good marketing, and for good marketing to happen, graphic design is necessary. Advertising and marketing graphic design help companies gain the recognition they deserve using different graphic designs, whether it is through brochures or digital advertisement. 

3. Packaging design 

Every product on the market has a packaging design. This is what allows the consumer to know what product he is buying and what are the characteristics of the branch he is purchasing from. This type of marketing is important because it gives the client identity, trying to define it in its essence. Packaging designers create concepts able to describe the producer’s identity, which will give him more sales if the design is appropriate.  

4. UI design 

UI refers to “user interface”, which is the way a person interacts with a technological device, whether it is a computer, a tablet, or a smartphone. The UI connects the screen menus, the icons, the apps, and everything that has to do with the software. UI design is in charge of designing interfaces that are striking enough so that the client enjoys them. UI design comprises the software interfaces as well as the hardware, such as the mouse, keyboard, or buttons. 

5. Motion graphic design 

Motion design is as simple to define as a graphic creation that has motion and moves. The most common motion designs nowadays are GIFs, which are animations with movement that are used on different platforms. This branch of graphic design has grown a lot in the last 10 years since digitization started to grow more and more. 

6. Illustration 

This type of graphic design is in charge of creating original illustrations and animations that can be exposed in magazines, books, covers, games, and other products. Illustrators create content for brands aiming at complying with the needs of the client. 

All in all, graphic design is a profession that has more than one subcategory and each of these classifications has its own characteristics and features. The types of graphic design are many, but some of them are visual identity graphic design, advertising and marketing graphic design, packaging design, UI design, motion graphic design, and illustration. 

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