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Tuesday, 06 September 2022

Nursery is a very popular profession all around the world. If a person has the vocation, they should study to get a degree in Nursery. In this article, find out where to study nursing in South Africa. 

Nurses are a part of the healthcare world. They,  as well as doctors, help patients to stay alive. Their responsibilities are many and perform many different tasks throughout the day. Although doctors are the ones who give the patients the diagnosis and administer medication, nurses are the ones who take care of the patient during the whole journey. Nurses take full care of the patient after being diagnosed, ensuring that they take the corresponding medication, and making sure it does not have negative effects on the patient. 

As mentioned before, nurses have many roles and responsibilities in the healthcare world. Some of them are taking care of the patient, communicating changes to the head doctor, administering the corresponding medicine to the patient, checking vital signs, listening to the patient, staying in touch with the patient’s family in case of any change, and performing different testings such as draw blood. 

Where to Study Nursing? 

To become a nurse, you need to have a lot of training and education. To do that, you have to choose a nursing programme, earn a nursing degree, and then get licensed. If you are wondering where to study a degree in nursing, here we show you some of the universities that offer you the possibility of getting a degree in nursing. 

Nelson Mandela University 

Doctor of Philosophy in Nursing with a program length of 2 years.

Master of Nursing with a program length of 1 year. 

Bachelor of Nursing which shall extend for a period of 4 years. 

North West University 

Master of Nursing Science with a program length of 1-year. 

Doctor of Philosophy in Nursing Science with a program length of 4 years. 

Doctor of Philosophy in Health Sciences with Nursing Sciences with a program length of 2 years. 

Bachelor of Nursing with a length of 4 years. 

Stellenbosch University 

Master of Nursing with a program length of 2 years. 

University of Johannesburg

Doctor of Nursing Science

Master of Nursing Science with a program length of 3 years. 

University of the Witwatersrand

Bachelor in Nursing program length of 4 years. 

By studying to be a nurse professional, you will be able to learn everything about companioning to the patient and how to take care of them within the health care system. Besides, nurses enjoy a very good salary, and for them, every day is different. There are many places in South Africa where you can get a degree in Nursing. 

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