How Can an MBA Help You Advance in Your Career?

Wednesday, October 27, 2021

Do you want to advance in your career? Have you been waiting for a promotion that never seems to arrive? Here you will learn how earning an MBA will help you reach your career goals.

Career Advancement: Make it Happen

A Master of Business Administration (MBA) is a postgraduate degree in the field of business. It is the most popular postgraduate degree in the world among students and one of the most prestigious ones. 

In addition to being prestigious, the other main reason why students and business professionals alike decide to pursue an MBA is that it enables them to advance in their field and gives them many opportunities of growth.

The desire to advance in their field, get a promotion, and a raise in salary are the main reasons that drive these professionals to pursue an MBA.

According to a recent survey, 55% of individuals pursuing an MBA stated they did so because they wanted an increase in their salary and 46% wanted to get to management positions and hoped that the MBA allows them to get a leadership position in the future.

Statistics also show that MBA graduates earn significantly more money than their bachelor’s degrees or other degrees peers. 

Why does an MBA benefit professionals so much?

Master of Business Administration graduates make such attractive candidates for promotion, advancement, and increase in salaries because of several reasons. The following are only some of them:

  • Skills: MBA degree programs are designed to provide its students with certain skills and knowledge that make candidates more attractive for employers. MBA students develop both hard and soft skills, which are highly valued by employers. That is to say, they gain on the one hand, skills related to how to manage a business itself. On the other hand, they acquire analytical, critical thinking and problem solving skills, which enable them to face challenges in an easier way, leadership, communication and teamwork skills, which comes in handy in situations where a group is disorganized and needs a leader to guide them.
  • Expertise: Students who pursue an MBA in a certain area of business, such as accounting, finance or economics, make also an attractive profile for leadership roles according to experts because they earn a skillset that makes them extremely competent in that particular area.
  • Deep insight into Companies Processes: MBA students also develop a high degree of appreciation of all the parts that form a company and allow it to work properly and productively, which is a must in leadership positions as leaders and managers must be aware of how everything works to oversee it accordingly.
  • Problem solving skills: Even though problem solving skills have already been mentioned, we make an emphasis on these skills because they are a must in management positions, and MBA programs focus on them. Managers are required to understand and approach complex issues and situations such as change, conflicts, growth, disruption, among others.

These are only some of the skills and knowledge MBA students acquire during their studies and make them more appealing for management positions. Are you ready to take the first step in your career advancement journey? If you want to learn more about MBA programs, click here to find the best MBAs available. 

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