Bachelor in Music: Improve your creativity!

Wednesday, November 25, 2020

Music is literally everywhere and it’s one of the most appreciated forms of art. Earning a degree in this area is gaining expertise in a socially acclaimed field.

From small artists all around the world to the pop, rock, and hip-hop idols of our time and of all history, there is musical talent everywhere, but not everyone decides to acquire knowledge on the field through, let’s say, a bachelor’s degree. 

And the truth is that it might not be for everyone. Not only are there people who don’t get along with academia as a whole (oh, those artists), but in reality, there is a firmly established belief that you don’t necessarily need to study music in order to become a great artist, which of course it’s a lie. I mean, sure, there have been cases where someone who has no academic background on music became somewhat successful, but that’s rare and it doesn’t last long.

Plus, you need a high level of creativity, which constantly grows during the course of the bachelor’s degree. Studies have shown that when you play music your brain’s left and right hemispheres increase their interaction and the more you practice and play, the stronger that connection will be. What does that mean? Well, faster information processing, and an increase in creativity. Of course, physical dexterity is another thing you would be improving if you decide to pursue this bachelor’s degree.

But it’s not all about practice. Yes, you will be playing instruments during the entire length of the programme, but there is a lot of theory involved in it too: the study of music history, composition theory, and many other theoretical aspects of the discipline will be taught to you in order for you to become a professional musician.

And one of the most important aspects of this degree is the career opportunities it offers: no, you don’t necessarily have to become a musician that aspires to become a star in the industry, you can also be hired as a music producer, as a teacher (in both schools and colleges), you can be part of an orchestra, a score composer for a film, and a very large and diverse etcetera.

In South Africa, you can pursue this bachelor’s degree at, for instance, Nelson Mandela University. In this institution, the programme has a minimum length of three years. 

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