Higher Certificate in Entrepreneurship: Begin the Path to Success

Thursday, December 3, 2020

There are many in-person and online certificates, but only a few prepare you to start a business.

As it was stated before, in-person and online programmes have been gaining popularity to the point where new online ones emerged to satisfy the high demand now that distance learning is the norm.

But the truth is that not all of the options available in an institute are suitable to become online programmes. For instance, despite there being many online certificates, there are still many that remain available for students to earn only through in-person learning.

Entrepreneurship is one of the courses that is rare to find in online programmes. Despite there being online bachelor's, master's degrees and more, online certificates in entrepreneurship are rare to find. But, whatever the case might be, online certificates or not, it is still a matter worth taking into account. 

In today’s world, businesses seem to appear out of nowhere. It is also usual to see that someone you know starts their own business, anyone can do it. However, only a few have the necessary skillset and knowledge required in order to have more chances to have a successful business. Those people are the ones who have some academic background, like in-person or online programmes, for instance, any of the online certificates related to the world of business.

It is an attractive opportunity: Who wouldn’t like to start a successful business? Of course, there are people who achieved it without enrolling in in-person or online programmes, but they are just a few special cases. So, of course, you could try and see what happens, but if you want to succeed, you will need some academic background to guide your decisions.

In South Africa, you can enroll in a few online programmes related to entrepreneurship, and in a lot more in-person ones. For instance, you can earn the Higher Certificate in Entrepreneurship offered by Regent Business School. This programme is only available through in-person learning.

This certificate will not only provide you with the knowledge and skills required to start a business but also with the ones needed to help a small business grow. So, you can either create your own project or support one that you believe has a great idea and potential.

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