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Stellenbosch University

Bachelor of Science with Honours in Polymer Science

The Bachelor of Science with Honours in Polymer Science in Chemistry is offered by Stellenbosch University.

Program Length: 1 YEAR.

Subjects: 6.

Bachelor of Science with Honours in Polymer Science offered by Stellenbosch University at the Faculty of Science

The Department of Chemistry and Polymer Science is one of the pre-eminent research departments in Chemistry in South Africa and is engaged in a wide range of research areas. The department hosts three Research Chairs and has the largest research effort in Polymer Science in the country.

They aim to create and maintain an academic environment where research and education in chemistry will grow and continue to flourish at an international level, attracting top scholars and students, thus benefiting the entire South African community.

Duration of Programme
The programme normally extends over one year and begins one week before the normal start of classes

Programme Content
Analytical Techniques 711(20)
Advanced Analytical Polymer Science 712(20)
Polymer Chemistry 724(20)
Physical Polymer Science 744(15)
Special Topics in Polymer Chemistry 754(10)
Research Project in Polymer Science 714(30)
Assessment and Examination
All modules in this honours programme, with the exception of the research project, are assessed through a combination of theory, practical work and an examination. The research project is assessed based on submission of a final research report and an oral presentation. The final mark is calculated as a weighted mark according to the credit value of each module. To obtain this honours degree you must achieve a final mark of 50% and pass each module with 50%.

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