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Postgraduate Diploma in Environmental Management

The Postgraduate Diploma in Environmental Management in Earth Sciences is offered by Stellenbosch University.

Program Length: 2 YEARS.

Postgraduate Diploma in Environmental Management offered by the Stellenbosch University at the Faculty of Economic and Management Sciences

The Postgraduate Diploma in Environmental Management is a one-year, full-time programme and is equivalent to an honours-level degree programme at 120 credits. The programme comprises eight (8) modules (6 core modules and 2 electives) which is taught during scheduled contact sessions at the University's Stellenbosch Campus. Attendance is compulsory.

Assessment and examination
Written theoretical, practical and oral examinations as well as written assignments or tasks may be required by the various modules.

Programme content
A minimum of 120 credits.

Programme module
120 Environmental Management
Core modules (compulsory)
15 Development Planning and Environmental Analysis
15 Environmental Economics
15 Environmental Ethics (Advanced Study)
15 Environmental Governance
15 Environmental Issues
15 Environmental Law
15 Geographical Information Systems in Environ Analysis Management

Elective modules (choose any two)
15 Renewable Energy Financing
15 Sustainable Development
* Elective modules may, with permission of the programme coordinator, be exchanged with any other module from the Postgraduate Diploma in Sustainable Development.

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