Network Engineering: A job for the future, today

Thursday, November 12, 2020

In a world where almost everything you can imagine has an equivalent virtual version, software engineering is a job for the future, today.

Technology is constantly changing, upgrading, and getting obsolete. It has become an essential part of society now more than ever since we use it for lots of things: communicating with friends and family, entertaining, online learning, you name it. 

But it doesn’t produce itself. It needs people, professionals in the field of technology, to keep growing, to keep getting more and more intelligent and handy for all of us. Those people, those professionals, are network engineers.

That’s why getting a bachelor’s degree in the field is necessary, it will open the road for you to become a part of that group of people who makes things simpler for others by making technology easier to manipulate.

If you study this bachelor’s degree you will be entering a world with many duties, such as building, maintaining, designing and improving the computer networks for the organisation you would be working for. Plus, since there aren’t many professionals around and the demand is high worldwide, getting this bachelor’s degree means that you would get a high salary, no matter which job offer you end up taking. 

The prestige is much too: people and companies understand that this is the job of the future, so every network engineer is seen as a pioneer, who works with advanced technology and can get hired by multinational organisations at any moment.

After you earn this bachelor’s degree and you begin working for a company (or maybe keep studying), you will discover how important your role is: being in charge of the company’s network engineering is always challenging since errors, crashings, and different issues may arise at any moment and will affect directly all the rest of the people working there. So you would be in a key position, having to be always ready to solve all kinds of problems.

So if you are thinking about studying something highly demanded by the job market, with prestige and innovation as characteristics, something that equals constant challenges and innovation, then this bachelor’s degree is exactly what you are looking for.

In South Africa, The Independent Institute of Education offers this bachelor’s degree (called Bachelor of Computer and Information Science in Network Engineering). The programme has a length of three years where the students will acquire all the theoretical grounding, knowledge, and key principles of network engineering and enterprise network management.

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