Digital Design: A New Way of Creating Art

Thursday, November 19, 2020

There are many classic forms of art: written word, music, paintings, dancing, etcetera. But there are new ones that are products of the digital era, and this is one of them.

Nowadays there are screens everywhere: in buildings, in the street, in your house, even in your pocket. And they evolve, constantly, changing shape and size, resolution and some other technical aspects not worth mentioning right now. 

The thing is that they are a part of our daily lives, and came to replace and simplify some of the elements and tasks of the past. We all take pictures and make phone calls with the same device right now, I mean, most of the use is made with practical purposes. But there is another way of using screens rather than to perform functions: making art. 

No, screens are not going to replace canvases, they are just a new and more technological way of making art in today's world. There are a lot of talented people who found their creative side within the corners of a screen, and they are able to show us their talent in new and innovative ways. 

Introducing: digital design. People with high levels of creativity, skills, and the required technology, are now redefining the concept of art. Yes, this covers the creation of, for example, animated characters in 2D or 3D,  but also digital imaging, graphics, visual media for advertising, etcetera. 

Using different software and hardware tools, professionals who have earned a bachelor’s degree in digital design combine photography and videography with animation and graphic design to create or modify concepts in order to resignify them through the possibilities that the digital era brings.

Therefore, graduates from a bachelor’s degree in digital design can perform several jobs. The following list includes some of them: 

  • Concept Artist
  • Advertising and Marketing Designer
  • Illustrator
  • Special Effects Artist
  • 2D and 3D Animation Designer

Plus, digital design being a very versatile field means that new trends are constantly emerging, and you could be one of the pioneers of a new way of designing. 

In South Africa, there are several institutions where you can pursue this bachelor’s degree, but one of the best is The Independent Institute of Education

With a minimum length of three years and a total of 18 courses, their Bachelor’s degree of Arts in Digital Design is more than interesting for people who want to turn their creativity into their primary source of income. 

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