Coaching in the Workplace: Help People and Organisations

Thursday, November 26, 2020

Improving the overall performance of employees is only one course away.

Every workplace is a sub-environment within a society. And it can be a place of conflict, or there might be a lack of motivation, a decrease in productivity, a feeling of tension in every hallway. In those cases, when the problems are so abstract, finding a solution is not easy. However, there is an alternative that provides multiple solutions: coaching.

Coaching is effective because it takes into consideration that there is not a unique answer to every problem the workplace and the employees are facing. Therefore, it focuses on improving the performances, mood, and overall skills of every employee as an individual so the organisation is benefited.

But how does it work? Well, of course, the person who coaches needs to have an academic background, the most common one are the coaching courses offered by different institutions. Using that knowledge as a tool, the coach seeks to improve every individual’s performance. And in order to do this there are some common practices amongst coaches: 

  • Setting goals: it is difficult to do a task without knowing what you are aiming for. So having an objective helps people focus and stay motivated. 
  • Giving every individual a different goal: of course, a coach wouldn’t ask (and expect) someone to perform great in a task they are not familiar with. So setting goals that are achievable by the individual is fundamental.
  • Being helpful: everything is a matter of practice and probably objectives won’t be achieved on the first try, so the coach must help the individual when it's needed and it must keep him or her motivated.
Then again, these are not the only things a coach does. In the courses they take the professors provide them with the necessary skill-set and knowledge in order for them to understand every individual, their strengths and weaknesses, their function in the workplace, and what to do in order to improve their performance. Coaching is a very similar thing to mentoring (even though it’s different). So, if you think you have the charisma and the skills necessary to motivate people to do their jobs and be productive, a coaching course would be a great option for you. 

In South Africa, there are several institutions who offer this kind of courses, for instance, The South African College of Applied Psychology has a course called Coaching in the Workplace that would be a great starting point for those who want to help an organisation keep their employees happy and productive. And as a plus, you can attend this course through online learning.

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