Considering studying Energy Studies? The University of Johannesburg offers you 3 top programmes!

Wednesday, April 29, 2020

Interested in going for a career in which you will be challenged to innovate? Then you should consider studying Energy Studies.The University of Johannesburg offers three top programmes in Energy Studies, which include a bachelor’s degree with honours, a master’s degree and a PhD. These programmes in Energy Studies aim to engage students in the development of energy initiatives and to prepare energy studies’ professionals to meet the market needs of the region and internationally. 

The whole world has been looking for a long time now for new kinds of energy that replace fossil fuels. These replacements will be more efficient, more renewable, more geographically distributed and will have much lower carbon emissions. That is why it is of paramount importance that the energy professionals of the future are completely prepared for such a change. The unique programmes offered by the University of Johannesburg aim to create energy professionals with the scientific knowledge, real world skills, and flexible problem solving to drive this transition in South Africa and globally.

The Energy Studies programmes aim to engage students in the development of energy initiatives, prepare energy studies’ professionals to meet market needs of the region and internationally, advance knowledge in energy science and technology through research, and support energy dialogue for the development of appropriate and informed public policies. 

The University of Johannesburg’s programmes in Energy Studies draws on the expertise of faculty members in the fields of science, engineering, economics, political science, architecture, business and humanities. 

The University of Johannesburg programmes’ educational goals are:

  • To promote an interdisciplinary approach to understand and evaluate various modes of energy supply and end-use efficiency of energy systems within the context of sustainability and development in the region.
  • To develop effective collaboration skills among students from different disciplines including energy science and technology, economics, and public policy.

Career Opportunities

There are great opportunities for qualified people to pursue a career in the rapidly developing energy area both within South Africa and around the world. Our graduates find successful and fulfilling careers in a diverse range of energy areas, including:
  • Designing and implementing renewable energy supply solutions.
  • Renewable energy and energy-efficient technology research and development.
  • Identifying and implementing energy efficiency and sustainability measures for industry, organizations, or in the residential sector.
  • Assessing or managing energy use at energy-intensive industrial sites or in commercial buildings.
  • Advising on or developing energy and sustainability policy for national or local government.
If you are considering pursuing a career in Energy Studies, here are the top programmes offered by the University of Johannesburg:

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