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Wednesday, May 6, 2020

Are you interested in studying Chemistry? Chemistry is all around you. It is in everything you do, wear, eat. There are many reasons for studying this fascinating career, and the major one is that the study of this diverse subject can offer you many career options. The University of Johannesburg offers you 5 programmes in Chemistry, which include bachelor’s degrees, master’s degrees and PhDs. The programmes offered by the University of Johannesburg are top-quality programmes that will provide you with the skills necessary to become the best professional available.

Why is studying chemistry important?

Chemistry is the study of matter and energy and the interaction between them. Chemistry is everywhere in the world around you! It's in the food you eat, clothes you wear, water you drink, medicines, air, cleaners. Chemistry is generally called the "central science" because it connects other sciences to each other, such as biology, physics, geology, and environmental science. 

Possible career options include:

Studying chemistry at the University of Johannesburg opens up a lot of job opportunities, not just a chemist. Some of the career paths that you may be able to follow with a chemistry degree include:

Career in Medicine
One of the best undergraduate degrees for medical or dental school is chemistry. Many medicine students say chemistry is the most challenging of the subjects, so taking courses in college prepares you for the rigors of medical school and teaches how to be systematic and analytical when you practice medicine.

Career in Engineering
Many students get an undergraduate degree in chemistry to pursue a master's degree in chemical engineering. Engineers are highly employable, get to travel, are well-compensated, and have excellent job security and benefits. An undergraduate degree in chemistry offers in-depth coverage of analytical methods, scientific principles, and chemistry concepts that translate well into advanced studies in process engineering, materials, etc.

Career in Research
A degree in chemistry positions you perfectly for a career in research because it exposes you to key lab techniques and analytical methods, teaches you how to conduct and report research, and integrates all of the sciences. You can get a job as a technician right out of college or use a chemistry degree as a stepping stone to advanced studies in chemical research, biotechnology, nanotechnology, materials, physics, biology, or really any science.

Career in Business and Management
Chemists with a nose for business may start their own companies or work as sales representatives or technicians for instrument companies, consulting firms, or pharmaceutical companies. The science/business combo is extremely employable and powerful.

Software designer 
In addition to spending time in a lab, chemistry majors work on computers, both using and writing programs to help with calculations. A degree in chemistry can be the springboard for advanced studies in computer science or programming.

Here are the programmes offered by the University of Johannesburg:

These programmes offered by the University of Johannesburg are prestigious and recognized because of their quality. They are well-known for enabling students to acquire all the skills and knowledge they need to become successful professionals.

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